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AV Equipment – Lighting Rental in Paris


C&C Displays is a full range, full of lighting equipment, for events, exhibitions and live concerts. We can change in the blink of an eye and can even be made to be interactive so that viewers can have a truly memorable, immersive experience. Showing off the beauty of your Event, in a Villa, salon or a Château, let us guide you through your journey of lighting to enhance your venues for perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.

We carry a wide selection of Lighting packages, control, distribution, dimming,full range of LED fixtures, grip equipment, follow-spots, and more.

C&C can Support and supply all your needs from Moving Lights to Uplights , setup your  Stage Lighting  for the amazing ambiance, Wedding lighting services with all the necessary accessories from Rigging and Power to all the other small details you may need.

We can provide the right atmosphere and ambiance to your event using Smart and intelligent lighting, generic and wireless lighting.

AV Equipment Paris - Lighting for Exhibitions & Events Hire in Paris

Lighting Rentals in Paris:


Video wall rental are a key feature in helping to create the right ambiance for your Event in Paris .

For more cinematic ambiance, we offer Effects Lighting Tools, with Lighting Stands for photography and professional booths. Let us guide you through your journey of lighting to enhance your venues for perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.

C&C can provide you with all your supplies, we can provide ideas if you don’t have one. Just give us a call, and we can help you to achieve what you want.

Lighting Equipment for Hire:

-Lighting Robots
-Lighting - Bar LED
-Lighting Console
-Lighting LED powered followspot
-Lighting Accessories

We will work together to deliver you goal results for your production, no budget limits.

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